On Fire.

For a few years now, I’ve been following a band called NEEDTOBREATHE. These guys are all from my home state of South Carolina, and from the upstate near where my Dad grew up. They play some amazing, rootsy, southern soul infused rock music that has a life of its own. When they play live, there is an energy that comes from the stage that is just amazing. I’ve had the privilege of shooting their shows for a while, and even put together a photo journal that they now sell on their merch table. They are a joy to shoot because every show is full of life and they truly pour their hearts out into every show. They give 200% to every show…it’s hard not to be moved by their live performances for that very reason. And right now, they are on fire….they are selling out shows consistently.
To be honest, this is blog entry is a blatant and unashamed plug for NEEDTOBREATHE. They are currently on their spring “Won’t Turn Back Tour”. If you can catch them on the road, you must. You won’t regret it and you’ll be an instant fan for sure. You can go here to see their tour schedule and find links for ticket purchases. Seriously, you won’t regret going…worth every penny and more to see them live.
Oh, and in this image, they are closing out the show, standing on the bar at the back of the venue singing an acapella version of “Washed by the Water” Simply amazing.


4 Responses to “On Fire.”

  1. Who is this band Need To Breathe you speak of?

    Well written, Susan, well written 🙂

    • They’re the most amazing band ever! Check them out on youtube and iTunes. They have some amazing music. Some has been featured in shows like “The Hills” and movies like “PS I Love You” Their music has a spiritual, Christian underlying theme, it’s wonderful!

  2. Hi Susan! I’m a big fan of your photography — I lived in Charleston as a kid, and now I’m a very amateur photographer. At any rate, I always wished I could just be a tour photographer for a band, and I wouldn’t mind shooting for Needtobreathe! (Especially Seth.)

    Anyway, I look forward to seeing future postings! God Bless!

  3. Susan, I first saw your photos in the tour book you did for NEED. I love it!! You’re so right about the guys, they give everything and more for a performance, and they’re just as awesome off stage as on stage. Thanks for spreading the love through your photos!

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