Michelle and Mike are married!!

Wedding season.

Love is in the air! And weddings occur every weekend in mass numbers, especially in the spring time. Yesterday’s wedding ceremony for Michelle and Mike was and example of the perfect spring wedding…navy blue and yellow…pretty bridesmaids and lively groomsmen, and of course, a fun, very-much-in-love and super happy bride and groom. The challenge in shooting weddings is time…we never seem to have enough of it. But, the fast pace adds to the excitement and it’s a great way to be stretched creatively. I have a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to “posing” my wedding party. The image featured here makes use of one of my favorite “tricks” and is probably one of my favorite “guy” photos to date.
For more wedding pix, you can visit the set on my flickr account by clicking here And keep checking back! As more happy couples tie the knot throughout the summer and invite me to capture their day, I’ll be adding my favorite photos to the collection.